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Middle TN Credit Union

Credit Union Middle Tennesee

If you are looking for a Middle TN credit union that helps members learn the value of saving—and when the need arises, of borrowing responsibly—you are at the right place. At Old Hickory Credit Union, we teach members to be economically independent. 

Old Hickory Credit Union: A Trusted Middle TN Credit Union

A Middle Tennessee credit union, Old Hickory is a full-service financial institution that offers banking and lending services. However, this Middle Tennessee credit union is non-profit and is wholly owned by its members. As a Middle Tennessee credit union, the board of directors is elected by our financial members.

Since our establishment in 1934, we have continued to strive to be a member-serving Middle Tennessee credit union. Though we have to make some adjustments in order to adapt to economic changes and meet the needs of the members, putting our members on top of our priority as Middle Tennessee credit union remains steadfast.

Why Join Our Middle TN Credit Union?

  • We are a Middle Tennessee credit union that is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Government backing means that your savings with Middle Tennessee credit union is insured by NCUA for up to $250,000.

  • Applying for membership in a Middle Tennessee credit union is not as tough you may have thought.

If you live or work in the counties of Davidson, Sumner, Robertson, or Wilson, or in the communities of Smyrna or La Vergne, we encourage you to join our Middle Tennessee credit union. You are also eligible for association with our Middle Tennessee credit union if you are working for any of our Select Employee Groups or are related to a current member by blood or marriage.

Becoming a member is as easy as opening a savings account with a minimum deposit of $25. If the account is maintained, that minimum deposit continues your Middle Tennessee credit union membership for life.

  • Membership with Middle Tennessee credit union warrants you more favorable rates.

As a Middle Tennessee credit union, our not-for-profit status allows us to distribute our profits to members through returns on savings and investments. This results to us being able to provide higher average returns than conventional banks. Your membership to our Middle Tennessee credit union also entitles you to higher rates on savings accounts.

  • Membership with a Middle Tennessee credit union merits you lower fees.

Because credit unions are driven by the goal to serve its members and not to gain profit, we charge lower fees than a traditional bank. This also applies to the interest rates of our financial lending facilities.

  • Membership with Middle Tennessee credit union means you have more of a say.

For traditional banks, you are a mere customer. With a Middle Tennessee credit union, you are an active contributor, which means you take part in electing the officers. Being with Middle Tennessee credit union affords you to see and raise concerns with the way the union is being managed.

  • Our Middle Tennessee credit union takes part in giving back to the community.

Credit unions are celebrated for their community engagement. Our Middle Tennessee credit union has been sponsoring scholarships and grants. What could be better than being involved in a community-focused organization?

  • With our Middle Tennessee credit union, you get a more personalized service with the same offerings from a bank.

Because Middle Tennessee credit union caters to the community, we cater to less “customers.” This allows us to efficiently manage each of our members’ accounts. However, we offer the same products and services as banks do, such as:

  • Visa prepaid cards in Tennessee
  • Teller in Tennessee
  • Fraud prevention in Tennessee
  • Online and mobile banking apps in Tennessee
  • Remote deposits in Tennessee

Join Our Middle TN Credit Union Today

Reap the various benefits of being a part of Old Hickory Credit Union while giving back to the community. For more information on membership, please call us at (615) 847-4043 ext. 7166. You may also email us at info@ohcu.org or fill this membership application out. 

Old Hickory Credit Union - Middle TN Credit Union

Old Hickory Credit Union is a nonprofit and a member-owned financial cooperative established in 1934. Federally insured and state-chartered, we are here to make financial services affordable to our members. 

Membership for Old Hickory Credit Union - Middle TN Credit Union

Here are the people who are eligible to join our credit union:

  • Tennessee residents, workers, and churchgoers from the counties of Davidson, Sumner, Robertson, and Wilson, as well as those from the Smyrna or La Vergne communities
  • Tennessee employees who work under one of our Select Employee Groups
  • Tennessee people who are married to or related by blood to any of our existing members

With an initial deposit of $25, you can open a savings account with us. If you maintain your account, your minimum deposit ensures your lifetime membership.

Banking With Old Hickory Credit Union - Middle TN Credit Union

  • Checking Accounts in Tennessee

To serve the different needs of our clients, we offer various options for checking accounts, including:

  • Basic Checking. This account needs a minimum daily balance of $100.
  • Green Checking. There is no maintaining balance or monthly service fee needed.
  • Student Free Checking. Designed for members who are 13 to 26 years old, the Student Free Checking account has no minimum balance or monthly service fee requirement.
  • My Way Senior Checking. This checking account, eligible to members 55 years and older, can earn dividends for account holders. It has no maintaining balance requirement or monthly service fee.
  • Premier Dividend Checking. Holders of this account may earn a higher rate of dividends. This checking account also has no maintaining balance needed or a monthly service fee.

The following features are included in all of our checking accounts:

  • Unlimited check-writing privileges in Tennessee
  • Overdraft protection from savings in Tennessee
  • ATM/debit card services in Tennessee
  • Online and mobile banking in Tennessee
  • Direct deposit availability in Tennessee
  • Savings Accounts in Tennessee

Here are some types of savings accounts we offer to our members:

  • Basic Savings Accounts. For this account, you need a $25 minimum balance. You can have unlimited deposits and up to five free withdrawals every quarter. Earn dividends with this savings account.
  • Health Savings Account in Tennessee. You may use this account for medical expenses. This account is safe from federal taxes if utilized by the principal holder, spouse, or dependents for qualified medical spending.
  • Share Certificates in Tennessee. You may get Share Certificates for a six-month term or longer.
  • Christmas Club Accounts in Tennessee. Members can make unlimited deposits in this savings account. The funds are transferred to account holders’ main savings accounts around October 15 every year.
  • Vacation Club Accounts in Tennessee. Enjoy unlimited deposits annually with this savings account. Money deposited into a Vacation Club account is transferred into the main savings account around May 15 each year.
  • Youth Accounts in Tennessee

Teaching young people about saving money and spending wisely can help them become responsible with their finances in the future. To help our members educate their children on financial responsibility, we offer the Save-A-Saurus and the Student Free Checking accounts.

Loans With Old Hickory Credit Union - Middle TN Credit Union


Consumer Loans in Tennessee

  • Personal Loans. Get Signature Loans, Vacation Loans, or Personal Lines of Credit with various financing options. Your credit score, loan type, and loan term will determine the rates.
  • Auto Loans. Are you looking to buy a car, truck, or van? We can help. Our auto loans have competitive rates. Note that rates may vary depending on your credit scores as well as term and age of collateral. You may also choose from our loan terms that range from one to seven years. Apart from automobiles, we also offer financing for motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

Mortgage Loan in Tennessee

Enjoy our low mortgage fees for our loan products such as First Mortgages and Home Equity Loans. We offer reasonable interest rates and closing costs. Note that loans will go through the approval process. Restrictions may also apply.

Get in Touch With Us - Middle TN Credit Union

If you are interested in joining a financial cooperative, turn to Old Hickory Credit Union. To learn more about our services, call us at (615) 847-4043 or our toll-free hotline at (800) 998-4043. You may also email us at questions@ohcu.org. We are looking forward to making a positive difference in the lives of our members.