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Youth Accounts at OHCU




It is vital to teach the youth today financial responsibility early in life. Encouraging smart saving and spending habits early can prepare our youth to face the roads to financial responsibility ahead. Old Hickory Credit Union offers a youth savings account to meet the needs of the youth today.

Save-A-Saurus Savings AccountNickelous - Save-A-Saurus youth account at OHCU

Our Save-A-Saurus account is savings account for members who are 12 years old or younger.  Save-A-Saurus members earn dividends* (paid monthly) on their accounts as long as the $25 minimum balance is maintained. This account allows for unlimited deposits and withdrawals to be made. This account requires a joint member (parent or legal guardian) to be on the account at all times. Old Hickory Credit Union has partnered with different schools to have bank days so that Save-A-Saurus members can make deposits with credit union employees at their schools. Save-A-Saurus members can also print off a special coupon during the month of their birthday to receive a gift from Nickelous and Old Hickory Credit Union.

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