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Loan Rates at OHCU

Secured Loans
Type   Annual Percentage Rate*
Automobile as low as 5.25%
Boats, Watercraft, and Recreational Vehicles as low as 6.50%
Motorcycle as low as 5.25%
Share Secured Loans (Fixed) as low as 3.50%

Certificate Secured Loans (Fixed)

Term cannot exceed the maturity of the certificate

as low as


(above the certificate dividend rate)

Unsecured Loans
Type   Annual Percentage Rate*
Personal as low as 10.25%
Credit Cards
Type   Annual Percentage Rates*
Visa Platinum as low as


First Mortgages
Term Origination Fee Interest Rate*
5 Year 0.50% 4.500%*
10 Year 0.50% 4.750%*
15 Year 0.50% 5.000%*
20 Year 0.50% 5.250%*
30 Year - Call for rate    
Additional Information

Cash out refinances up to 80% LTV | Purchases and/or no cash-out refinances up to 95% LTV

Processing fee required on all mortgage loans

Home Equity Loans
Term   Interest Rate*
5 Year Fixed Rate (Up to 85% LTV) 5.250%
10 Year Fixed Rate (Up to 85% LTV) 5.500%
15 Year Fixed Rate (Up to 85% LTV) 5.750%
Home Equity Line of Credit
Type Payment Annual Percentage Rate*
Variable Rate (Up to 85% LTV) 1% of ending monthly balance Prime Rate (floor rate of 4% - ceiling rate of 18%)
*Based on published Prime Rate    

Additional Loan Information

*Your rate may vary from the rate quoted and will be determined by your credit score

Mortgage interest rates are subject to change without notice

Secondary mortgage market financing through CUMA, Inc. and Lender Select Mortgage Group.

Terms vary

Minimum balance of $25 to establish membership