Scammers are calling our members claiming to be from our Fraud Department and are spoofing phone numbers. Please note that OHCU will never call you asking you to provide personal information such as debit card number, PIN, or email address over the phone. If you receive a call or texts claiming to be from our Fraud Department, do not provide personal information! These scammers are very convincing and will use scare tactics to get you to release pertinent information. If you receive a call, hang up immediately and call us directly at 615-847-4043 or visit your local branch. We're here to help!

OHCU will NEVER call and ask for your debit card number. If you receive a call or text claiming to be from our Fraud Department. The number is being spoofed and is not OHCU. If in doubt, please hang up and call us directly or visit your local branch. 

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