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Savings Accounts

Old Hickory Credit Union offers a variety of savings and investment accounts that will meet anyone’s needs.  If you’re saving for a special occasion, trip, big ticket item, or even your future let us help

Basic Savings Accounts

This account requires a minimum balance of $25 to maintain membership with Old Hickory Credit Union. This account allows unlimited deposits and withdrawals.  The savings account earns dividends* which are compounded and paid monthly. ATM access is available with your Old Hickory Credit Union ATM or Debit Card. See current Terms and Charges for any fees associated with this account.

*See current rates

See Terms and Charges

Money Market Account

This account offers tiered dividend rates that are based on the account balance. Dividends are compounded and paid monthly to this account. For current dividend rates please visit Share Rates under the Banking tab. 

Share Certificates

Share Certificates are available in terms of six months and longer. For current dividend rates please visit Share Rates under the Banking tab.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an account you can put money into to save for future medical expenses. It is owned by an individual and the funds can roll over from year to year.  It also has significant tax advantages. In many respects, an HSA operates similarly to an IRA. Money in an HSA (contributions, earnings and distributions) is exempt from federal taxes when used for qualified medical expenses for the HSA owner, spouse, and dependents. An HSA can only be established if the individual has a high deductible health plan, also known as catastrophic insurance.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Old Hickory offers a variable rate IRA savings account and IRA Share Certificates. Rollovers from other IRA accounts, pensions and 401k accounts are accepted.