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Gift-Giving Like a Pro!


Want to know a great way to stay within your holiday budget while also getting the gifts your loved ones really want? It may be as simple as using a registry!

You are probably familiar with registries for weddings or baby showers where the recipient lists all the items they are needing or hopeful to receive. This allows you, the gift giver, to select a gift that’s wanted while also staying within price range that works best for you. There are numerous registries available online to use and can be updated throughout the year for birthdays, special occasions, or best of all: holidays.

One such app is Giftster. This free app allows you to create private, personalized lists to share with family and friends. The best part, the recipient won’t know what gift you bought until you give it to them. The people you share your list with will be able to find the right item to buy then simply mark it as purchased, preventing anyone else from buying the same gift. Giftster is available on both Android and Apple devices.

It's quick and easy to get started.

  • Download the Giftster app:
    • Download the app to your phone or computer and get started filling out your desired gifts. Try to add a broad range of items of varying prices. Remember, people love gifting for holidays and special occasions, but everyone’s budget is different. Make sure there are enough items that each person who wants to treat you can, without feeling bad about the price or even worse, having to overspend because what you have listed may be over their unique budget.
  • Share with family and friends:
    • You can make multiple groups like Family Holiday, Friends Birthdays, etc. Invite your friends and family to join in on the registry. They’ll know what you desire the most and you’ll see what is on their wishlist as well. This works especially well for family members who may live far away or who you don’t see very often. They will love being able to get a thoughtful gift from afar!
  • Discuss a budget:
    • Some families use a budget for holidays like each gift is a max of $30. This is a great way to give gifts without causing any member of the family undue financial hardship around the holidays. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts, not the dollar amount. So have the conversation on what would be comfortable for everyone and enjoy shopping for that special gift!
  • Mark as purchased:
    • The most important part is to ensure you mark the item as purchased. This will prevent anyone else from buying the same gift.

You and your loved ones will be able to use these registries year-after-year and holiday-after-holiday. Try it out this year and see how well it works for you!

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